Bayramoğlu Industrial Steel Inc.Co. which steers the sector with its history dating back to 1960, has become one of the largest suppliers of the sector in Turkey and in the world.


Bayramoğlu Industrial Steel, with its strong infrastructure, technological equipment and expert staff, has an annual steel processing capacity of over 6000 tons; offers the highest quality, scalable, customizable, projected metal fabrication and production solutions for all kinds of welded fabrication in metallurgy such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.


It provides its customers with justified confidence by meeting their needs through world-class welding operations, engineering expertise and adherence to internationally accepted production standards. Engineers and professional team themselves; are dedicated to improving customers' product performance, reducing time to market and reducing production costs. Its commitment to the quality system in its production is at the center of its success.


It has gained the rightful trust of its customers with its references consisting of organizations that shape their sectors, a management approach that solves problems quickly, and its expert team with the ability to produce solutions. It is one of the leading companies in the sector, in manufacturing of nuclear power plant embedded elements, pipelines, wind tower interior parts and platform manufacturing, pressure vessels and tank.


It has produced 700 tons of embedded elements for the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant. It has also undertaken the duty of establishing a basis for localization, technology and knowledge transfer by bringing together global manufacturers who want to invest in the nuclear energy industry in Turkey by undertaking the duty of founding NIATR (Nuclear Industry Association of Türkiye). It has been on the CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) European Nuclear Research Center  supplier list since 2016.


In December 2021 our company, successfully completed the EYDEP ((ICESP) Industrial Competency Evaluation and Support Program) audit required to become a Defense Industry supplier and received the certificate. Afterwards, it successfully passed the Quality System Audit conducted by Roketsan and started to work as an approved supplier.


Our Purpose of Existence

Bayramoğlu Industrial Steel provides professional service at world standards with our strong team that always keeps its interest in developing and advancing technology, adapts quickly to innovations, makes a difference with its experience and knowledge, with our flexibility in our approach to our customers and our perspective that puts sustainability principles in the foreground in all processes.


We started our work by shaping the steel first. Today, we have become the supplier of world giants. With the desire to produce value from our hearts, we have devoted all our strength to faster and higher quality production by reinforcing our creativity every day. We tried to go beyond following technological developments. We placed emphasis on creating  technological innovation. We have determined our purpose of existence as “Shaping the Future”.

Our Core Values

Our Purpose of Existence becomes operational with our five core values. Our values show who we are, why we are strong, and what will drive us in the future.

Our Mission

To serve in the light of the latest technological developments and to continue to be a leading company by placing people and the environment first in every work they do.

Our Vision

To be the leading company that produces solutions based on high technical skills and technology to meet all the needs of our customers from a single source.